Watch the live show from 2020

Tissue Talks LIVE is divided into 4 sessions of different topics and each session includes a wide selection of presentations from Valmet partners, customers and industry experts.

1. Expecting the unexpected

The world has changed in a way we couldn't foresee even a few months ago. Can we even predict the future anymore? Leading influencers will elaborate on how the ongoing pandemic will change the market, our habits and demands for hygienic and sustainable tissue products. What does it mean in practice for tissue producers and retailers? And how can we assure that sustainable products and companies are and stay - sustainable?

2. A new perspective on raw materials

Wood fibers have been the main source for paper making since mid-1800's when we abandoned rags as raw material. Today we see new raw materials coming on the market such as straw, bagasse and bamboo - even if wooden fibers still have a very strong position. Micro fibrillated cellulose is a new innovative component that can be used for many different purposes, also mixed with other fibers to create something totally new. In this session we have gathered companies with valuable experiences and ideas how to take care of natural resources and convert them to valuable paper products.

Environmental footprint - wipe them out or imprint a path forward?

Even though tissue making is considered a relatively environmentally friendly process there are still many things to do when it comes to minimizing the environmental footprint. Saving natural resources such as fiber, water and energy is one way to do it. Transforming to fossil free operations another. Reducing with emissions to air, water and land is a third. To adapt to a society with less human impact on climate and environment, demands new and innovative solutions. In this session you will learn about some of them. 

Sustainable growth

Sustainability is a wide term with many parameters. In addition to what has been described earlier in the program it is also a matter of how you utilize the potential of what you have in your possession. To really take advantage of innovative technologies, production data and smart solutions and develop them into a growth factor. 

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